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What is this?

Barcode Scanner assistant
To check a code of any complexity, you just need to choose the program and bring the smartphone's camera to the picture with the image of the code. It is important that the code gets into the photo frame - then the detection will take place instantly. qr and barcode reader can decode all types of QR / barcodes including: text, URL, ISBN, product, contacts, calendar events, addresses and mails, location, wifi and many other formats 📧📑📞🌁💳. Another plus is that you may not only scan the qr code through the chamber, but also connect to the smartwatch through the free qr scanner!

QR Code scanner for Android
Also you can create qr barcode using qr reader hiding in them a variety of information from links to sites or profiles in social networks, discounts, coupons or photos to small texts and text documents! In addition, with an info scanner you may make the code you create completely unique by changing the color of the frame itself, the logo, the size, as well as the code color itself.

Sharing barcode scanner results
You have the opportunity not only to seek out, but also to send or export search outcomes or code images created by you to friends through convenient instant messengers, e-mail and all kinds of social networks through the quick decryptor!

QR code reader decoded history
Fast scanner remembers all scanned keys and notes them in the history where you can view the data actions an unlimited number of times. You do not need to scan the qr barcode twice or several times, just find the one you must among the list of those already decrypted. It is also very comfy if you do not have a possibility to re-read the qr using a speedy generator.

Enjoy multitasking scanner and increased capabilities with it, such as a cipher generator with the ability to create unique codes, scan history and auto-abstraction.Constitute new codes, encrypting a wide variety of info in them, detect the qr barcode from any surface, find old qr results in history using only the scanner!